Youth Futures Parent Groups

Youth Futures recognizes that in order to effect true, sustaining change, a multipronged approach must be adopted that includes the children, their parents, and their entire families. Accordingly, Youth Futures staff dedicates time and effort to assist and guide parents. At the beginning of every program-year, staff members map the needs of the parents in order to identify the topics of most concern to parents. Seminars and groups are offered in order to enrich the tools they possess and to assist them in their parental role.

The activities for parents are coordinated by the Youth Futures local Family and Community Coordinator, who works with the Mentors and the families—providing information regarding individual/family rights, benefits, and entitlements; assisting in obtaining services;  coordinating between providers and parents in order to develop and implement community projects; and conducting parent groups and individual advisory appointments.

The activities with the parents focuses on three spheres of intervention:

  • The community – providing information, assistance, and guidance with regards to understanding rights, available communal services, and bureaucratic processes.
  • Parents’ groups –focusing on the unique needs of those served in each different Youth Futures location and developing the skills that empower the family unit.
  • Empowering parents as individuals – operating with the parents’ individual parenting and family needs that arise from the parents themselves during the period of accompaniment.
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