Heartbeats - Youth Futures for Early Childhood

The Heartbeats program was established with the aim of creating a response for parents of infants in order to support them in the initial stages of parenting, encouraging the parent-child relationship, healthy development of the children and utility of the services available in the community. The program operates by means of Mentors in this field of parenting who accompany the parents in the home and community settings.

Target Population

Young families who are parents of infants and toddlers (up to three years of age) with an emphasis on first-time parents – first or second child.

The Motivation and the Vision

Infancy is a critical stage in the life of every child. It is during this stage of life the developmental milestones that influence children’s lives are attained. Therefore, it is important to provide every parent the assistance they require in order to provide their children with the support they need, and to provide them with an environment wherein they can grow and develop optimally.  This necessity is more acute in the instance of new parents, and even more so in the instance of parents who live in distanced regions with limited access to resources, or in the instance of parents identified as lacking role models to serve as examples of parenting. 

Fortifying and accompanying parents of infants and toddlers in general, and particularly first-time parents is a matter of national importance that requires great thought and investment of resources. Our vision is to provide parents located in the geographic and social periphery of the country the security, opportunities and tools for strengthening their parental identities and skills, with the aim of assisting in the healthy development of their children.

What do we provide?

The Heartbeats Assessment Report indicates that following the period of parental accompaniment:


Of the families demonstrated improvement in the parent-child relationship


Of the families improved their familial functioning


Of the parents had improved significantly in feeling more capable as parents and in regulating their behavior as parents.

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