Youth Futures Evaluation and Assessment

Youth Futures aims to achieve a significant improvement in all its spheres of intervention.

The organization conducts evaluation and assessments by means of a CRM system for the management of data together with the external assessment of the Digma Institute. The assessment reports relating to the local and national levels are produced at the conclusion of every year. The evaluation is conducted by means of assessment of the participants at the start and conclusion of the entire process. Additionally, the long-term, ongoing impact of the program is assessed via surveys conducted among the parents and educational staff of the different schools by means of a questionnaire that is issued every two years to approximately 300 program graduates who are at different stages of their lives following the program. 

The evaluation of the program is built on 24 assessment indices across five clusters that are based on the spheres of Youth Futures intervention – the individual, social, educational and familial.

Youth Futures expects to reveal a general trend of significant approvement across all these spheres, both on the municipal and national levels.

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