Youth Futures Alumni Community

The Youth Futures Alumni Community - “From Beneficiary to Community Resource”

Over the past decade approximately 10,000 youth from all sectors of Israeli society have successfully completed the Youth Futures program and have joined the Youth Futures alumni community. The alumni, spanning all age groups, report a strong sense of confidence in their abilities and demonstrate improvement in the four spheres of the program. The assessment and evaluation processes that we conduct to assess the long-term effectiveness of the program indicate our graduates successfully integrate into the normative educational frameworks, and school dropout rates are negligible. Our graduates are actively involved in volunteer activities in their communities, and they report high levels of motivation for participating in meaningful military and National service.

Youth Futures believes in the ability of our alumni to become leaders and constitute a resource and force for positive change within the community. We have begun to form “Youth Futures Alumni” communities in a number of towns/cities. The graduates will act through the framework of the alumni groups and use the Youth Futures values to improve their communities—acting as Youth Futures Ambassadors. Together, the graduates will form a national alumni group with a common social affiliation.

Currently, the alumni community has begun to form in three locations in Israel: Beit She’an, Migdal HaEmek and East Jerusalem.

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