Initiative for increasing awareness and prevention of violence against women

During 2020, in response to the sharp increase in violence within families across the entire country, Youth Futures conducted two surveys among the children and their families participating in the program. The survey findings demonstrated the severe and destructive impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on families—indicating a clear and significant trend of increased incidences of violence within the family, particularly against women. Youth Futures decided to participate in the national effort to eradicate violence against women and developed the infrastructure for an effective national response—with the close cooperation of the local authorities—and offering tremendous accessibility to the program within the communities. The initiative serves both the women of families participating in Youth Futures, and those in the community, utilizing skilled and highly experienced program staff – the majority of whom come from the local towns and cities.

The domestic violence prevention operates today as a pilot in nine towns across Israel:  Kiryat Gat, Lod, Bnei Brak, Yerucham, Dimona, Kiryat Shemona, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Afula and Hatzor.

The initiative focuses on three primary means of intervention:

  1. Training Youth Futures staff to improve their ability to identify the indicators of domestic violence, and train them in providing immediate, effective assistance to those who request it.
  2. Educating the younger generation about the issue of domestic violence and increasing general awareness in the community
  3. Providing individual care to women suffering violence
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