Resilience During Crises

Youth Futures - One family, a strong home-front

During times of crisis, Youth Futures provides a wide support network for its participants throughout Israel. The close relationship with the children and their parents enables the teams to identify and analyze the emerging needs and challenges in real time, and provide appropriate, immediate responses.

The program’s staff are skilled and experienced in strengthening the personal and familial resilience of the beneficiaries during times of crises and emergencies. For instance, the staff in the southern towns – particularly the Gaza envelope – assist the children and their families during  times of increased military tension.

Facing the COVID-19 Crisis with Youth Futures

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic created a global health crisis. The virus brought with it many challenges: uncertainty; financial difficulties; and the absence of constant, consistent frameworks – increasing the risk-factors among the program beneficiaries. During this period, Youth Futures assisted its participating families to overcome the crisis in a manner appropriate to their individual needs. On an organizational level, Youth Futures – classified for most of the pandemic as a critical organization by the Israeli government – provided direct assistance to our participants that met their pandemic-related needs. During strict lockdowns, Youth Futures succeeded in adapting its operations to remote and online operations – maintaining an optimal level for the children and their families.

During the pandemic, we conducted two extensive online surveys that assisted us in precisely identifying the critical needs of our families and enabled us to formulate operational solutions aimed at maintaining the effectiveness of Youth Futures in the following areas:

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