Vision and Goals

Our Purpose

A social organization that nurtures and influences life paths for youth and their families in situations of risk and exclusion who are from all sectors of Israeli society through a community-based mentorship model that addresses all aspects of life.

Our Vision

  1. Promote equality of opportunity and self-fulfillment by developing the resilience of youth and their families so that they grow to be contributing, active members of the community and of society.
  2. Act as agents of change through the mentorship model while creating partnerships within and outside the community.
  3. Be an evaluation-based learning organization which positions itself as an innovator and assimilates and disseminates applied knowledge in its field while addressing changing needs.
  4. Cultivate all employees and Mentors as key professionals rooted in a community, who contribute to it and are positive factors in its development.

Program Aims and Goals

  • Fortifying the self-esteem of the children and their confidence in their abilities.
  • Developing the capabilities, fortitude and skills of the children.
  • Assisting access to and expanding the social services available to the children and their families.
  • Creating a supportive educational environment for the children at school.
  • Encouraging parental involvement in the children’s lives and parental support for their children.
  • Fortifying the parental abilities and contributing to the development of the family units.

Youth Futures operates with the understanding that in order to effect change in children’s circumstances it is necessary to also support their parents and other family members, while maintaining constant contact with their various educational frameworks, and even with the local authorities, in order to create a multi-dimensional support framework that provides a response for the various needs of the children and their families, and which enlists entire communities in sculpting the futures of their children.

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