Community Family Therapy Centers

The relationships and communication skills within families have tremendous impact on the development of all of its members. The family is the greatest resource an individual possesses when encountering emotional, physical, and even social difficulties. Many problematic issues can be solved by improving the relationships and communication within one’s family.  Youth Futures endorses the position that maintaining healthy relationships and communication hold primary importance in a child’s emotional health. The relationships exist in the various spheres in which the children function: the families, formal and informal education; and community.

The primary aim of the “Familial Space” initiative is to provide therapy for families experiencing difficulties in their intra-family relationships (the parent-child relationship, marital relationship, sibling relationships, multi-generational relationships). Youth Futures has established Therapy Centers where professional counseling is provided by the combined assistance of a qualified family therapist (clinical social worker) and the Mentor.

This model integrates the role of the Mentor as a significant adult in the life of the child, with the role of the family therapist as someone who offers a response to the relationships within the family, fortifies communication channels between the family members, and initiates intervention processes in instances of familial crises. Currently, this initiative is being piloted in Kiryat Gat, Ber Sheva and Lod.

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