Youth Futures has been assisting children and families at-risk since 2006, and now is operating in 37 towns and cities throughout Israel’s underserved social and geographic periphery. Youth Futures employs a unique holistic approach, with specially-trained “Mentors” serving as significant adults in the lives of the child and their parents served over a three-year period. The Mentors accompany the families through a process of positive change. Mentors constitute the prime intervention tool and are the key factor for the success of the process. 


Youth Futures in Numbers

Direct beneficiaries
(children and their parents)

Our Model

Youth Futures” developed a platform in which its Mentors are the primary means of intervention – becoming the key factor in facilitating the success of the children and their families. The Mentors are recruited from the respective communities in which they will serve – ensuring that they have the necessary cultural sensitivities and awareness needed to successfully initiate and manage the holistic process of change. The Mentors are specially-trained and work full-time positions.


Challenges Become Successes

Spheres of Intervention

Mentors provide their holistic support system across four spheres – Personal, Familial, Social, and Educational. This approach is based on the understanding that there are interactive relationships between members of society and various experiential spheres.


Domains of Impact

Youth Futures mobilizes the family, the municipality or local authority, the educational system, and community institutions and members as well as additional circles of influence around the child. The cooperation between the stake-holders yields new and unique responses leading to the development and growth of all the partners to the process.

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Our Activities

The Training Center, which is responsible for the management of Youth Futures’ knowledge resources, provides constant professional...
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During Crises
During times of crisis, Youth Futures provides a wide support network for its participants throughout Israel.
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Youth Futures
Parent Groups
Youth Futures recognizes that in order to effect true, sustaining change, a multipronged approach must be adopted...
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Contributing back to the community
As part of the empowerment process, Youth Futures encourages and advances mutual commitment...
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Youth Futures Alumni Community
Over the past decade approximately 10,000 youth from all sectors of Israeli society have successfully completed the Youth Futures program...
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Activities and
Themed Days
Together with the regular activities conducted within and outside the schools during the academic-year...
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Heartbeats - Youth Futures for Early Childhood

The Heartbeats program was established with the aim of creating a response for parents of infants in order to support them in the initial stages of parenting, encouraging the parent-child relationship, healthy development of the children and utility of the services available in the community.


פעימות פותחים עתיד לגיל הרך

Our new initiatives

Impact - Youth Futures Evaluation and Assessment

Youth Futures aims to achieve a significant improvement in all its spheres of intervention. The organization conducts evaluation and assessments by means of a CRM system for the management of data together with the external assessment of the Digma Institute.


Immediate Impact - children in the program


Of the children improved by a least one grade in the personal resilience realm


Of the children improved by a least one grade in the educational function realm


Children improved by a least one grade in the social function realm.


Of the children improved by a least one grade in the nuclear family relationships realm


Of the children improved by a least one grade in the parental function realm.

Influence at the family level


Improvement in awareness of the needs of their child


Of the parents feel that their child underwent a positive change in all spheres of intervention


Of the parents report the mentor as a significant figure in the child's life

What is being said about us?

"The mentor knows how to develop in the children the ability to dream dreams and build the way to the fulfillment of the dreams"
School Counselor
North Israel
"Today, when I am in National service, I understand what the connection with the mentor has contributed to me. She saw me, believed in me ... and helped me believe in myself."
Youth Futures Graduate from Akko
"Youth Futures gives me the ability to stop, breathe and recalculate my route"
A parent in the Youth Futures Parent


Partners and Supporters

Donors from Israel and abroad

Government Ministries and Local Authorities

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